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Woodblock Printing using Japanese Paper

Materials Included

Instructor: Pamela Dodds

Turn your own design, or a design / image of your choice, into a woodblock print!  In woodcut printing, the wood is carved away, leaving the design on the surface to be inked and printed. This class will guide you in the use of wood carving tools, carving techniques, and how to printing with black or coloured inks to achieve the effect you desire. You will make a series of one- or two-colour prints. Non-toxic, oil-based inks will be used.





Pamela Dodds

Pamela Dodds is recognized for her work in relief printmaking, including woodcut and linocut as well as painting and drawing. She enjoys introducing fine art techniques to creative adults in the community workshop setting and has many years of experience teaching relief printmaking, drawing and painting to adults and children.