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WEDNESDAY | March Break Art Camp : Mini Sketchbooks + Animal Portraits (Ages 8-13)

Pen and Ink : Mini Sketchbooks + Animal Portraits


Three or more $65+HST|day *Discount credited after registration

One of the best habits an artist can practice is a Sketchbook practice. We will be learning how to create a sketchbook with a custom cover you create yourself using your collage and watercolour skills. We will discuss what kinds of sketchbook practices artists use: writing, drawing, observing and recording. Add in pockets, envelopes and unusual papers to your sketchbook.

Using stencils, we will be taking our watercolour skills to the next level by learning more advanced watercolour techniques. You can use a pre-made stencil or design your own to create a one of a kind Animal Portrait. Draw your favourite raccoon or design a stencil based on your cat!

Learn how to take your drawings from flat objects to moveable paper puppets. We can animate your Animal Portrait into a kinetic sculpture with moving arms, legs and tails. Keep your moving animal portraits in your sketchbook envelope!

Artist Instructor: Natalie Draz

Our full day program schedule consists of daily sketching exercises, 2hr morning and afternoon studio sessions, and various outdoor activities.  We believe an important part of the artistic process is having a good mental and physical balance.  Each day we will be going outside (weather permitting) to experience our neighbourhood and how it can inspire creativity!   Our camp takes place in our ARTiculations Studio.

What to bring:
-A full lunch, reusable water bottle and 2-3 snacks (nut free)

-Clothes for getting messy!

-Appropriate footwear;close-toed shoes for in the studio, walking/running shoes
A reusable bag or container to bring home artwork

-Appropriate indoor & outdoor attire: sunscreen, hat, raincoat, mitts, snow pants etc  

*NOTE: unless it’s -30, a monsoon or the end of the world, we go outside EVERY DAY for a 1-1.5hr outdoor playtime.  Please ensure your child comes prepared and dressed appropriately to ensure outdoor fun time enjoyment for the entire group!