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Wax Painting with Ceracolors: Weekend Intensive – SOLD OUT

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Encaustic, dating back 3000 years, is a technique using molten beeswax or microcrystalline into which coloured pigments are added. It has had a resurgence in popularity of late due to the richness of texture and multiplicity of techniques. However it is important to use proper ventilation when heating the wax, otherwise, it can be toxic. A new wax paint has been introduced that replicates many of the qualities of traditional encaustic but without the health issues. Ceracolors are water soluble and non toxic, made with ingredients that are found in food and cosmetics. There is also no need for special tools or brushes. Our weekend intensive will delve into the many techniques and approaches for water based wax paint. We will explore using wax paint as oil, watercolour, encaustic and collage/ phototransfer.

Artist Instructor: Heather Gentleman

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