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Intaglio Linocut

Relief Printing Super Series chickadee_linoleum intaglio-aIntaglio Linocut

Let’s turn linocut on its head by squeezing the ink into the crevices and printing the carved lines instead!  Start with a sketch from your imagination or use imagery provided and print on different papers for a completely new look.

About the Artist Instructor

Pamela Dodds is recognized for her work in relief printmaking, including woodcut and linocut as well as painting and drawing. She enjoys introducing fine art techniques to creative adults in the community workshop setting and has many years of experience teaching relief printmaking, drawing and painting to adults and children. She has taught in numerous art centres including at the Museum of Fine Arts, Cleveland, Ohio and at Open Studio, Toronto.

Pamela was born in Halifax, N.S., and grew up in Toronto.  She received a B.A. in Fine Arts from Brandeis University near Boston, MA and lived in the USA for many years returning to Toronto recently. She has received grants from the Ontario Arts Council among others. Her work is exhibited Canada and the USA and has been purchased by many individuals and for public collections.