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Pastel Pet Portraits

In this 3 hour workshop, you will see examples of great pet portraits to stimulate your high standards and creativity. You will have the opportunity to learn tips and techniques for features such as fur, eyes, etc., and to try them out in simple exercises and also draw very quick guided studies from pet photos supplied.
Finally, you will plan and draw step by step from the pet photo you bring. It could be your own pet, a stock photo, or even a gift for someone else of their pet. Depending on your experience, speed and style you may or may not finish your project but you will leave the workshop fully able to complete it on your own!
Whats included:
Pastel Papers
Kneaded eraser
Blender torillon
Soft pastels (in-class use)
Barrier Cream (in-class use)
Fixative (in-class use)
What to bring:
Photograph of a pet for reference
Soft makeup brush to create extra softness
Barrier cream (optional) we also have some available for in studio use
You are invited to bring photos of any pet portraits you have done

Artist Instructor: Gary Smith