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Paper Cut Workshop

Papercut ImageLearn to create a papercut with Kelley Aitken.

Papercut images can be delicate or graphically dramatic.  It is an old art form still used widely in Asia and Europe, where it was referred to as scherenschnitte: scissor cuts. Scherenschnitte was founded in Switzerland and Germany in the 16th century, and later brought to Colonial America in the 18th century by immigrants who settled primarily in Pennsylvania.

It has been enjoying a renaissance of late among illustrators and artists. Some of its practitioners these days use it in interior design and as elements in architectural settings. See the fantastic work of Beatrice Coron in her TED talk.

We’ll develop designs and transfer these to black paper, then cut our image using X-acto knives and rubber cutting mats.

Artist Instructor: Kelley Aitken