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Painting with Water-Based Wax Paints | Free Ceracolors Demonstration

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Learn the fundamentals of working with a new cold wax medium—Ceracolors—that does not solvents or oil paint. This versatile medium does not require a heat source or fusing tools like encaustic paints.

Painting with Ceracolors: Water-Based Wax Paint

Ceracolors is a new artist-grade paint made from quality pigments in a water-dispersed wax binder. Although made from wax, Ceracolors are not encaustic paints in that they do not require heat, solvents or mediums. Ceracolors share properties with traditional media that will make them instantly familiar to painters, but they also have unique characteristics and advantages of their own. When thinned with water, Ceracolors easily disperse to produce vibrant watercolor effects. They can be applied in opaque layers much like acrylic or gouache. Because the paints dry and set quickly, transparent glazes can be built up without long waiting times between layers. In a finished painting, the colors have a rich, matte appearance and a durable finish. Once dry, you can work Ceracolors as any other encaustic paint using heated tools to manipulate the colors.

Image Transfers: Watch how we demonstrate how Ceracolors can be used to transfer images from photocopies, magazine images, inkjet or laser prints by applying a thin coating of Fluid Medium over the image to be transferred. After drying, the paper backing of the image is removed leaving a translucent image embedded within the medium.

Scratchboard Technique: Ceracolors can be used to create your own scratchboard in any available color, by applying the color over images or other colors, scratching through the top coating to expose the surface beneath.

Collage: Create art by sticking different materials such as photographs, paper or fabric onto a panel using Ceracolors.

Tatiana Zaytseva

Tatiana Zaytseva is administrative director of Natural Pigments and secretary of Iconofile, an nonprofit educational organization dedicated to promoting understanding of sacred art. Tatiana received her education in Saint Petersburg, Russia in fashion and design and a second degree in engineering process controls. After moving to the U.S. in 2001, she helped to establish and Iconofile and then Natural Pigments in 2003.