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Oil Painting Workshop with Teresa Oaxaca SOLD OUT

This workshop is sold out.  Please call 416-901-7464 to be put on a waiting list.

Model fee included. 

Options for payment in 3 installments available. Please call 416.901.7464 to inquire 

Spend three days with Teresa learning and applying her approaches to portrait painting.  This will be Oaxaca’s first Canadian workshop.

Teresa’s approach utilizes classical methods of the nineteenth century blended with a modern understanding of colour, brushwork and aesthetics.  Emphasis will be placed upon constructing a proportionate head using anatomy, value and colour.  Drawing with be done with the brush.

Materials and Methods will be discussed and used hands on so participants will need three 16×20 inch panels, an assortment of brushes, a palette and oil paints (see supply list below).  Students will paint from the live model and receive individual critiques.

About Teresa 

Teresa Oaxaca is an American born artist based currently in Washington D.C. She is a full time painter whose works can be seen in collections and galleries throughout the US and internationally. Her talent has been recognized and rewarded by museums and institutions such as the American Museum of the Cowboy, The former Corcoran Gallery of Art, The Art Renewal Center, The Elisabeth Greenshields Foundation, the Posey Foundation, and The Portrait Society of America and the Museu Europeu D’Art Modern in Barcelona.

Her training includes a four-year diploma at the Angel Academy of Art (Florence Italy, Graduate studies at the Florence Academy, an Apprenticeship with Odd Nerdrum in Norway, and studies at the Art League of Alexandria VA where she trained with Robert Liberace, Paul Lucchesi, and took many other courses. Currently she teaches workshops around the United States and in Europe. 

In addition to her studio work she takes a variety of portrait commissions including Family Portraiture, Professional/Business, Custom and Informal arrangements. She exhibits widely and sells her work on a regular basis. 

Within Washington D.C. she has participated with local groups such as The Esperanza Education Fund and the National Education Association. In 2014 she became a member of the Young Partners Circle of The National Museum of Women In The Arts. She is also a registered member of the National Art Education Association (NAEA) and an Ambassador for the newly established Da Vinci Initiative, which designs and promotes skill-based learning and lesson plans for US K-12 public school educators. 


All materials available at ARTiculations

BASIC PALETTE (Rublev 50ml)

Ultramarine Blue Green Shade 50ml

Antica Green Earth 50ml

Lemon Ochre 50ml

Chrome Yellow Primrose 50ml

Lead Tin Yellow Dark 50ml

Orange Molybdate 50ml

Pozzuoli Red 50ml

Alizarin Crimson 50ml

Cypress Umber Raw Dark 50ml

Lead White #1 50ml

Bone Black  50ml

Vermillion 50ml


Maya Blue

Cobalt Chromite Blue

Verona Green Earth

French Umber



Expoxide Oil

Age Refined Linseed Oil


Alternative Palette (Michael Harding Paints 40ml)

Ultramarine Blue

Terra Verte

Yellow Ochre

Cadmium Yellow light (lemon)

Naples Yellow

Cadmium Orange

Venetian Red

Alizarin Crimson

Raw Umber

Lead White/Cremnitz

Ivory Black

Vermillion or Cadmium Red

PANELS (3 needed for workshop)

16×20 Oil Primed Linen on Dibond


Series 278 Long Filbert (range of sizes) ex.Sz.1, sz.2, sz.4, sz.6, sz.8, sz.10, sz.12

Series 279 Long Flat (range of sizes) ex. Sz.1, sz.2, sz.4, sz.6, sz.8, sz.10, sz.12

Series 272 Round (range of sizes) ex. Sz.1, Sz.2, Sz.4, Sz.6

Series 2045 Chunking Bristle Filbert (range of sizes) ex. Sz.1, sz.2, sz.4, sz.6, sz.8, sz.10, sz.12

Series 2025 Chunking Bristle Flat (range of sizes) ex. Sz.1, sz.2, sz.4, sz.6, sz.8, sz.10, sz.12

Series 2095 Chunking Bristle Round (range of sizes) ex. Sz.1, sz.2, sz.4, sz.6

12×16 Glass Palette (Clear or Grey) OR 12×16 Wood Palette (Natural or Grey)