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Natural-Dye Pysanka Workshop


Kosa Kolektiv invites you to a special pysanka session using natural dyes.

This workshop will have you thinking of how easy and accessible natural colouration can be. Come and explore different plant-based materials that can be found in kitchens and most neighbourhood shops.

In this one day workshop we will discuss and demonstrate suitable dyes for batik design on eggshell, preparing dye recipes, attaining desired colours, and dispelling some myths about natural dyes for pysanky. By the end of the workshop you will be on the path to coming up with your own recipes, and maybe even establishing some new traditions in your home.

Participants will have the opportunity decorate pysanky eggs during the workshop. Dyes featured in these sessions will vary from the quality of produce and materials available, but will mostly likely include cabbage, onions skins, tumeric, beets, sumac, black walnut, overwintered berries, and more!

All materials will be provided (eggs, stylus, dyes, wax, books as reference materials, and examples of pysanky…) Please note that using natural dyes can be a longer process than using aniline dyes, so you will have the opportunity to work on multiple pysanky at a time.

All are welcome, no previous experience required! If you have already made pysanky, but have never tried using natural dyes: be prepared for a treat! It is a different twist compared to dyeing with the aniline dyes that are currently in common practice, and can be most rewarding.