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Meditative Dot Painting Workshop (ages 11+)

(Ages 11+)

Inspired by traditional Aboriginal Australian Dot Painting techniques, students will learn how to mix paint to the proper consistency to be used with a dipped dowel of various sizes to create an intricately patterned tile. This is a great technique for those interested in pattern, rhythm and colour mixing. The state of being is altered through music and the simple action of painting dots to become a meditative state.

All materials included

Instructor: Lauren McKinley Renzetti


Lauren McKinley Renzetti is an artist, designer, educator, maker, and scenic painter for the film industry. She  has shown her work throughout Ontario,Brooklyn and Bulgaria. Her role as an educator, spanning over twenty-five years has taken her to Georgian College, McMaster University, Ryerson University, the Art Gallery of Hamilton,and  art Works art School. She currently works at the Art For Cancer Foundation,  LucSculpture in the east end  as well as the AGO. Her work predominantly is texture based: relief printmaking, collage,  mixed media sculpture and high relief detritus painting in acrylic. She is represented by ArtBomb, The PATCH Project and was also the artist–in-residence at Unicamp of Ontario where she facilitated large community building art projects for ten years.She is also the curator of Neighbourhood Gallery in the east end.