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MARCH BREAK: Primordial Soup, Prehistoric Goo (7-12yrs)

Long, long ago, in a place not far away, a frothy broth was brewing. The soup of life slurped and sucked, churned and bubbled and from it grew tiny, tiny creatures, organisms of such small stature, they were unnoticed by the heavens above…so they grew and grew, and crawled from their pool of muck, on clawed feet they tested the rocky muddy shores, and took taloned wings to the sky…

Join us as we mix our own primordial soup …
Students will learn basic casting and sculptural techniques, while focusing on shape, form and balance, and employing the artistic design process… what creatures will you create out of the goo?

Artist Instructor: Rachel Shepherd

What to bring with you to ARTiculations March Break Camp:
Water bottle, 2 nut free snacks and a lunch
Warm outdoor clothing for outdoor play- we go to Vine Park after lunch for a play break!
Lots and lots of creativity!
Your completed Youth Registration Package

Drop off & Pick up Information:
Drop off is between 9:30-10:00am. Unfortunately at this time, we cannot offer early drop-off

Want to join us for more than one day this March Break? Call us and ask us about our multi-day discount!