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Level II Screenprinting

screenprinting in progress

Fee: $275.00

*no class March 16

In this advanced level workshop, participants will learn how to create a multiple colour separation design using two screens (Up to four-colour designs depending on size).  Using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, students will learn how to digitally create various screen-compatible designs and will complete an artist edition of final prints.

Materials included*: two screens (that you take home afterwards), paper, inks and studio supplies (such as photo emulsion and tapes).



– Screenprinting for Beginners and access to your own Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software.

– Participants should come with at least one image to work from such as an original painting, sketch, or photograph and can be a digital scan or we can scan it in class (up to 8.5×11” size).

-Bringing in your own laptop to work with may be helpful, but not necessary.
*The workshop fee includes 2 silkscreens, if you wish to create more than a two-screen design, you may purchase an additional one at $25 / screen at the beginning of the workshop.

Artist Instructor: Shea Chang