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January 18 PA Day : All about Printmaking with Natalie Draz

All about Printmaking with Natalie Draz

Monoprinting: learn how to create different kinds of monoprints, which are each uniquely printed art pieces.

Learn how to carve and print your own softoleum stamp. Build up your image using multiple layers os softoleum.

Learn how to transfer your painting from plexiglass to paper using a printing press!

Our full day program schedule consists of daily sketching exercises, 2hr morning and afternoon studio sessions, and various outdoor activities.  We believe an important part of the artistic process is having a good mental and physical balance.  Each day we will be going outside (weather permitting) to experience our neighbourhood and how it can inspire creativity!   Our camp takes place in our ARTiculations Second Floor Studio. In addition to our home base we also use our neighbourhood, frequenting local galleries and parks.

What to bring:
A full lunch, reusable water bottle and 2 snacks (nut free)
Clothes for getting messy!
Appropriate indoor & outdoor attire: sunscreen, hat, raincoat etc *NOTE: unless its -20, a monsoon or the end of the world, we go outside EVERY DAY.  Please come prepared and dressed appropriately! 
Appropriate footwear; close toed shoes for in the studio, walking/running shoes
A container to bring home artwork