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Introduction to Watercolour Painting (4wks)

Watercolour Explorations WorkshopA watercolour course is all about “water safety”: how much to use, when to use it, and when not to use it. A first attempt at watercolour painting can get out of control quickly, and lead to frustration and disappointment. This course offers the tools to understand the interactions of paint and water, and exercises in working with them effectively. People who think “I can’t do watercolours” or “I hate watercolours” will be welcomed — no personal flotation device required.
Learn to manage a hard-to-manage medium:  As an introduction to watercolours, this course will introduce colour mixing techniques, and explore the use of watercolour’s flow and transparency properties. Students will learn to shade & model simple objects using principles that help produce strong colour and crisp edges where desired.
In the second half of the course we’ll look at different ways to use the wet and dry techniques, along with further practice of wash control and a new look at some “old tricks”.  A different painting subject will be presented for each week, each with its own particular approach in watercolours technique.