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Hand Drawn Repeat Patterns

A fun 3 hour workshop for creative’s of any age, who love pattern and drawing.

In this beginner surface design workshop, students will learn how to create intricate repeating patterns by hand, no experience is necessary.

Make and take home a work of art on paper, to hang on your wall, while you learn how to design a repeating tiled pattern that can be scaled up or down and repeated over and over. Walk away with the simple steps needed to take your design ideas further, without the need of computer software. Use patterns for wallpaper, textiles, ceramics and more.

With simple tools, hand drawing, cutting and taping, students will design and draw a master

8.5” x 11” tile, that will be used to trace and complete a 18”x 24” repeating pattern on paper.  Students have the option of using paint, markers, pencils and crayons when adding colour to their designs.


Artist Instructor: Stephanie Fortin

Canadian textile artist Stephanie Fortin uses natural dyes and resist, to revitalize and refresh traditional craft techniques. Her mastery of colour touches both the functional and non functional worlds of art, design and fashion. 

Stephanie trained in interpretive illustration at Sheridan Institute and received her interdisciplinary BFA from NSCAD University, with focus in textiles and art history. Fortin held a full time artist-in-residence position at Harbourfront Centre (Toronto, ON) for three years and became a  member of The Contemporary Textile Studio Coop (Toronto, ON) to follow. Stephanie has exhibited her work in North America, China and Mexico. She is currently creating and working on a series of weft ikat and remnant pieced, dye paintings, thanks to the support of the Ontario Arts Council; in a studio on Dupont st. in Toronto, ON.