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Get to know Holbein Artist Paints- Watercolour Paints & Mediums


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This demo will introduce Holbein Artist Watercolour and Mediums. Holbein watercolours are made and imported from Japan, a country known for having the oldest professional watercolour traditions in the world.  Holbein laboratories have produced an extensive palette of 108 highly concentrated colours which are known for their world class standards in lightfastness and providing brilliant characteristics over an extended period of time. Holbein Artist Watercolour is produced without ox-gall, animal by-products or other dispersing agents.  Attendees will gain an understanding of how Holbein’s watercolours work on their own as well as how they perform using Holbein watercolour mediums to create interesting effects and enhance the properties of watercolours.

Holbein has been manufacturing paint in Japan for more than 100 years. All of their paints are well known for their excellent quality using the finest pigments available to bring a vast range of colour and brilliance to your artwork.


Jamie-Lou Nicol was born in Kingston, Ontario and grew up in the small town of Verona located north of Kingston. Nicol graduated from the Sheridan College Crafts and Design program in 2004 with a major in Advanced Glass Forming. Over the years, she has exhibited her artwork in Ontario at numerous galleries and arts and craft shows. Jamie-Lou has a passion for abstract art and has experience using various art mediums in her work such as acrylics, watercolour, pencil crayon, ink and glass. She currently works in sales and marketing for Holbein Artist Materials Canada.

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