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FREE Demo: Get to know Holbein Artist Paints with guest artist Andrew Sookrah

HAU_romance6_web_t640Get to know Holbein Artist Paints

With guest artist Andrew Sookrah

This lecture/demo introduces Holbein’s artists paints and mediums including heavy body acrylics, fluids, gel and paste mediums. Attendees will gain an understanding of how these products perform on their own as well as how they are intermixable. Artist Andrew Sookrah will be presenting the use of Holbein Acrylic paints to create a landscape painting, using different brushes, found objects, etc. Additionally, examples will be shown how acrylics and mediums can be used together to create fascinating textures and techniques so artists can be inspired to experiment with their own masterpieces!

Holbein has been manufacturing paint in Japan for more than 100 years and their acrylics are well image020known for their high quality using the finest pigments available to bring a vast range of colour and brilliance to your paintings.

This lecture/demo is FREE with a refundable $5 deposit

Registration is first come, first served & requires a fully-refundable deposit. If you are unable to attend for any reason let us know at least 24 hours in advance. Post-lecture/demo survey must be completed to receive refund and free samples. Why require a deposit? It is a proven approach to avoid no-shows (or timely cancellation).

Andrew Sookrah is a raw colourist whose free brushwork is confident and powerful. His strengths can be seen in his strong sense of design, exquisite use of effective composition, confident presentation of bold colours… and in his figurative and portraiture work, his capturing the essence of the human spirit. His is a masterful expression of the unity of nature.

Read his full Bio + CV : Andrew Cheddie Sookrah Bio & CV