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Framing Your Art Collection Using Professional Techniques

framing workshopLearn how to frame various types of artwork in various styles, with extensive information on archival materials, techniques, handling, and design styles. Whether for your collection at home or for preparing your own exhibition, the topics and techniques covered will equip you with the basic knowledge to expertly frame your own artwork to beautifully preserve it for a lifetime. Topics covered range from Framing for Preservation, Archival Materials, Glazing, Cutting Mats and Measuring and Safety, Framing Design and Styles, as well as industry tricks and tips for setting up and achieving dust-free assembly.

All materials included, participants will frame and leave with one 16×20 sized archival quality piece during the workshop.

Take advantage of this amazing value (consider the cost of custom framing usually starts at minimum of $150.00).  In this DIY Framing Workshop, all your techniques, materials and information will end up being a workshop day well spent!

What to Bring:

Participants are to bring their own artwork such as photographs, drawings, fabric art, collage, or mixed media, as long as it does not exceed 12 x 16 x 0.5(deep)”. (if you have small photographs or drawings that you would like to group into one frame, bring a few to choose from and consider the size limitations (Eg. Four 5×7” photos work well in the 16×20” frame).

Optional: If you have your own vintage frames and glass already, you may bring those in as well to assemble them with assistance, supplies and advice during the workshop.

Artist Instructor: Shea Chang

Chang has been framing for over 10 years with clients such as MOCCA, National Gallery, CONTACT Photography Festival, Edward Burtynsky, Toronto Image Works and many more.