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Fantastic Beasts (6-9yrs)

Creatures of the animal kingdom, beware!
Students will explore and study animals of all kinds, both thriving and extinct, observable and mythical, learning their true natures and essences . . . and then splice and combine, juxtapose and transmutate to create their own FANTASTIC BEASTS!  This six week course will introduce and refine various techniques and art forms including clay sculpture, fimo modeling, free form mixed media sculpture, acrylic painting, watercolour and industrial design.  Emphasis will be placed on the artistic process, creativity, and FUN.  Scary or whimsical, each animal creation will be an expression of each individual student.

Disclaimer: No animals will be harmed in this course. All beasts are released from any and all responsibility for any and all potential havoc they may wreck on our fair city!