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Colour Theory Workshop – Full Day

Colour Theory Boot Camp!

In this full day workshop students will explore how colour works in relation to  its neighbours on the colour wheel. We will paint our way through true primary, secondary and tertiary colours along with homogeneous, analogous and complimentary colours. Along the way we will gain some language about colour from hue, warm , cool,   tint, tone, shade, intensity , simultaneous contrast, lustre,  luminosity and what each colour’s value is on the grey scale.   We will also look at Colour Theorists, Itten,  and Goethe. This is a hands on workshop where you use the paint you already have to create useful colour wheels and value scales that help you further understand what your chosen palette can do.

Materials list:

ARTiculations and instructor will supply paper for exercises,rulers, pencils, scissors,  a few glue sticks ( for mistakes)  water containers and paper towels. .

You will need to bring:

Palette that can hold many colours at once (round plastic ones with 6-8-10 wells, or even   several  white lids from sour cream are even better )

#2, #4, taklon round tipped brush and or #4, #6 taklon flat tipped brush – it makes a smoother surface than hogs hair brushes,

The minimum colours needed for this workshop are: (titanium- a must) white, ( any ) black, primary yellow, primary red and or magenta, primary blue or cyan. If true primaries are unavailable then owning a medium red, magenta, lemon yellow, medium yellow, ultramarine blue, phthalo blue are your best options.  Paint can be Gouache or Acrylic.  Avoid oil, watercolour or tempera as they have challenges that do not work well with colour theory.

Artist Instructor: Lauren McKinley Renzetti