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Colour Theory I

Colour Theory I

Saturday, Nov 3, 11-5   

Materials Not Included

Instructor: Lauren McKinley Renzetti

In this full day workshop students will explore how colour works in relation to its neighbours on the colour wheel. We will paint our way through true primary, secondary and tertiary colours along with homologous, analogous, complimentary, split compliments, triads and tetrads. Along the way we will gain some language about colour from hue, warm, cool,   tint, tone, shade. intensity , and what each colours value is on the grey scale.   We will also look at Colour Theorists, Itten, Munsell, and Goethe. This is a hands on workshop where you may use the paint you already have to create useful colour wheels and value scales that help you further understand what your chosen palette can do.