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Colour Pencil Techniques with Kathryn Naylor

Will it be your best travel-sketch buddy or the perfect non-messy step from monochrome drawing into colour?  In this workshop, we’ll use a simple still-life subject to explore colour blending and general technique, plus experiment with types of paper.

Paper included. Students must provide their own colour pencils.

Materials list

Absolutely needed for this workshop: 

In addition to a good selection of basic coloured pencils which includes a white, ( Your basics do not have to be from Faber Castell or  Caran D’ache) Kathryn recommends:

From  Faber Castell

– any of their violets except 135 Light Violet

– 168 Earth Greene Yellowish

– 103 Ivory and/or 102 Cream

– 191 Pompeian Red


 Caran D’ache alternatives:

– 99 Aubergine

– 225 Moss Green

– 241 Light Lemon Yellow or 11 Pale Yellow

– 75 Indian Red (doesn’t look like a standard Indian Red,  so same colour in another brand may not work)


Kathryn Naylor

Kathryn Naylor is a professional artist living and working in the Junction area of Toronto. She is
an active member of Toronto’s West End Art Collective, participating in their exhibits and also
managing the Collective website. Over the years she has focused on watercolours, coloured
pencil, and acrylics, and has lately ventured into water-soluble oil painting.
For the initial inspirations of 2019, Kathryn has been accepted for an Artist Residency in
Northern Iceland, and will be spending January in a remote fishing village not far from the
Arctic Circle.