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Bookbinding: All About Stars!

Artist Instructor: Natalie Draz


A Star Book is a beautiful beginner bookmaking technique! Learn how to design, measure, cut and fold a precisely made star book using paper and illustrations provided by visual artist Natalie Draz.

A set of 3 nested accordion books unfold into a star shape. The book can be unfolded to view each accordion separately, or each accordion can be cut away to reveal what is behind. The Star Book is a very flexible book format that relies on precise folding skills to create a book that springs into a star shape. In addition, participants learn how to make a simple matchbox to store Star Book in safely.

Natalie Draz is an artist documenting her neighbourhoods with bold, eye-popping illustrations. Drawn to clean inked lines, architectural details and the gorgeous palette of ink and watercolour, her illustrations transform from drawings into three dimensional papercuts that pop off the page!

Intermingling illustration, watercolour, printmaking and pop up artist books, Natalie creates art that unfolds, pops up, fans open and reveals her metropolitan stories.