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Beginner Origami – Containers

30“Origami is the art & science of transforming a piece of paper only by folding. It turns an everyday, accessible material into a toy, a thing of beauty and an expression of joy to be shared.

In this workshop, you will be introduced to some basic origami fold-types and then models in a comfortable, fun group setting. Our focus for this workshop is containers. Some of the origami models are created with just one piece of paper, others use a modular approach: multiples of the same shape will be made and then linked together. You will benefit from Melissa’s patient, flexible instructing style that’s allowed students of many abilities to learn origami. At the end of this workshop, students will leave with a variety of origami vessels perfect for displaying or wrapping up treasures.

All materials (i.e. paper) will be provided for this workshop.

About the Instructor

Melissa Lobo was introduced to origami at a young age and fell in love instantly. She enjoys learning new models and exploring the many other art forms and communities in Toronto.