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Beginner Calligraphy: The Pointed Pen (4wks)

Beginner Calligraphy

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The word “calligraphy” originates from the Greek language which means the art of beautiful writing. The recent surge of interest in the pointed pen owes itself in no small part to Modern Calligraphy. This beginner’s course will guide you through this contemporary style by taking a look at a classical inspiration, the Copperplate script. Whether you are planning to pursue a more classical practice or are simply interested in discovering the joys of the pointed pen lettering, this is a great place to start!
In this introductory course, you will learn how to use a pointed pen to create beautiful pieces of lettering. We will start with the fundamentals: an overview of preparation and materials, followed by practice sessions that will guide you through the techniques and letters. Classes will start with an overview, a brief Q&A, and of course, a warm-up. Each session aims to end with mini-projects that will showcase your personal progress.

Instructor: Dyan Buerano