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Abstract Painting Explorations in Acrylic (4 weeks) DAYTIME

This workshop will help students explore abstraction with several inspirations as jumping-off points. We will learn many techniques in painting, paint to emotions, seasons, music,  and poetry as well as using the elements and principles of design as vehicles for making.  The Elements consist of: Line, Shape, Form, Colour, Value, Texture & Space. The Principals are: Pattern, Contrast, Emphasis, Balance, Scale, Harmony, Rhythm, Unity & Variety.  We will explore these concepts with several images of the students choosing. Having painting ideas will help move this aspect of the workshop along. This workshop will generate many small studies for larger works.  This course is suitable for the creative beginner to an advanced student.

ARTIST INSTRUCTOR: Lauren McKinley Renzetti

Materials not included.


All of the below items can be purchased at ARTiculations. Please bring all paint materials/tools each day to class.

Paint: Artist Quality TITANIUM white, mars or ivory black,  light or medium yellow, red, magenta, ultramarine, phthalo blue, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, raw umber,  you can buy secondary /other colours if you don’t like mixing. The more colours you have, the more variety and less mixing you do but more disharmony in painting, pick colours you like.

Brushes: -minimum 3 brushes round short handle,(synthetic taklon) size 4, 6 & 10,  and 3 flat long handle (hogs hair) size 8, 10, 12.

Other items: roll for paint brushes, bag for supplies, masking tape, palette knife

Surfaces: you can use several sheets of mixed media paper if you want to work more on studies or 4 -6 small canvases, squares tend to be used in Abstract. You pick the size – shapes are based on the idea you are working from.

Week 1- Introduction to techniques painting an emotion and a season

Week 2- Using the techniques to express a piece of music and a poem

Week 3- Principles of Design  and Abstraction

Week 4- Elements of Design and Abstraction