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Abstract Acrylic Painting – Landscape I (4wks) *DAYTIME

In this innovative, acrylic painting workshop we will investigate & create several abstract works based on transforming a real landscape photograph into an abstract version of it. You can make things more realistic or more abstract depending on your personal tastes. Each week we will explore something different; from technique, depth,  different paint strategies and different view points. This course is suitable for a beginner or an advanced student.

Week 1: Technique Building: creating several manufactured landscapes using  many techniques – from mountain ranges, whispy to turbulent clouds,  ripply water  to surf coming in .

Week 2: Rocks, Sand and Surf : using a beach scene as a starting point we will further explore techniques from week 1 . Bring a beach scene image

Week 3: Exploring trees:  looking  at piet mondrien’s apple tree series.

We will explore techniques with schlapitka, the signature conifers, dabbing deciduous  and palette knifing bark .Bring an image of a forest with close and distant trees

View from above : working from a landsat or aerial  photograph we will explore texture, elevation and thicker painting. (modeling past is  great for this project )modeling paste done this week paint done next week . Bring a landsat or aerial  photograph


Week 4:View from above part two using washes and watery paint we will cover our modeling past from last week , we will also finish week 2 and 3 projects .


Materials List: you really need at least the items in bold.

all of the below items can be purchased at Articulations store, First class materials supplied by Articulations. Please bring all materials each week to class.


Paint: Golden-Holbeinbig tube of titanium white ,  carbon or mars black,  light  and medium yellow,  magenta ,ultramarine blue, pthalo blue . The more colours you have, the more variety and less mixing you do but more disharmony in painting, pick colours you like. IN landscape hookers green, yellow ochre, burnt sienna and burnt umber are all good to have rather than mixing them .

Variety of brushes: –round synthetic no 4 or 6 or 10, flat hogs hair 6,8, 10 or 12

Other items: – palette, pencil, erasure, paper towel

Yogurt or sour cream containers with lids work great as paint can be saved for next week.


Surfaces: Mixed media 70- 90lb paper /pad is good for warm up exercises, techniques , exploration of technique combinations 3  @11 x 14 or 12 x 16