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Birthday Parties

ARTiculations ART Party for ages 7 and up– $350 CAD + HST

(no minimum, up to 12 children/participants including birthday child)

Host an amazing party and let ARTiculations take care of the work… and the play!
Kids can get creative and have artful fun in a safe, private setting where it is okay to get messy!

ARTiculations knows that every child is unique and will help coordinate a party accordingly. We will work with you to plan a one-of-a-kind party that reflects your unique guest of honor. Some recent examples have included designing your own Fantastic Beast, Clay Cacti Terrariums, Bobble Head Robots, Custom Stamps, Tiny Treehouses, Embroidered Drawings and Acrylic Self Portraits!

Your Party Includes:

  • An art project consultation with the birthday child and parent. Together, we will come up with a fun art activity for you and each of your guests to make during your party.
  • Use of the ARTiculations Studio for 3hrs (2-2.5hr art project, remainder party time for cake and gifts).  Parties can be scheduled 1-4pm on either Saturday or Sunday, schedule permitting.
  • Party coordinator/qualified arts instructor
  • ARTiculations plates, cups, flatware & napkins
  • ARTiculations homemade decorations (bunting, 2 Happy Birthday Banners)

You provide:

  • Food & drinks (nut free) we have a list of local eateries and cake bakers available!
  • Adult chaperones
  • Any additional decorations
  • Don’t forget to remind your guest to wear appropriate clothes for messy art-making!

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“We chose ARTiculations for our daughter’s birthday party, and it was a huge hit with all of the kids. We were really happy with the level of service we received, and also how fun they made the whole experience. We appreciated that we were able to collaborate on a theme for the party, rather than choosing from a preset list of options, and the result was a really creative and unique activity, totally suited to our daughter’s interests. The space is beautifully designed, and well suited to accommodate a party, but we also loved that they encourage kids to dig in and get messy. Thanks ARTiculations for making our daughter’s birthday a fun, creative and memorable event!”  – Alana D.

“We celebrated our son’s 8th birthday at ARTiculations and it was his favourite birthday party to date. The boys had a great had a great time and created some amazing creatures for their polymer clay project. They were kept busy and interested throughout the party with a variety of activities and opportunities to create and use their imaginations. The party went off without a hitch, in large part because of Heather’s rapport with the kids and her patient and engaging manner.  We can’t thank her and the ARTiculations team enough for giving our son and his friends such a wonderful day.” – Romina M. 

“I’m the mother of two creative girls and we have had three different birthday parties at ARTiculations, hosted by Heather. Each of these parties was different and all of them were fantastic. One of the best, most pleasurable parts of each party was the planning session. Heather dedicates time to discussing ideas with the birthday child. She has a wonderful talent for listening and applying a child’s inspiration into a workable age-appropriate plan for a project that can be accomplished in an afternoon. These meetings give excellent modelling for kids who want to figure out how to develop their own art projects and Heather’s ability to speak to children as people does wonders for their self-esteem.

The projects themselves are rigorously thought-through and prepared: the “maker” part of these parties is super smooth. Heather makes each guest feel important and she walks them through the process so that they understand what they’re making and how they can individualise their artwork. And the kids really make their own art: they’re very proud of them. Heather drums up incredible enthusiasm when she explains the project. She gives thoughtful input while the children sketch and plan. She guides them through the work itself. and she’s mindful of their physical needs throughout, stopping for snacks or a drink to keep the whole thing fun. It helps that ARTiculations gives a generous three hours to the party as a whole (instead of the usual two hour party). This also means that the projects have a chance to dry while the children have a snack or meal, so they usually get to take them home with them.
We loved the cozy, quirky, mysteriousness of the original party space at ARTiculations–the downstairs felt like a secret world–and the new space is drop dead gorgeous. It’s bright and clean and spacious and divided into sensible spaces for different activities or stages of the party. Parents feel good dropping off their kids in such a pretty space run by such nice people–and a lot of them are keen to explore the neat shops in the neighbourhood while they’re kids are occupied. The kids go home with a satisfied sense of accomplishment. The hosts get to feel like they’ve really given a nice afternoon to their friends. It’s a sure bet.” Holly F.

Great place for a birthday party. Highly recommend! Laura Park-Lee