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YAM LAU | what if…a space… (is not occupied but inaugurated)

Monday January 18th 2016 to Sunday February 21st 2016

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what if…a space… (is not occupied but inaugurated)

January 18 – February 14, 2016 *extended until February 21, 2016

Closing Reception: Saturday February 13, 2015 2:00-5:00pm Artist in attendance.

Proudly part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival

ARTiculations is pleased to present what if…a space… (is not occupied but inaugurated), a new installation by Toronto Artist Yam Lau.

The Earl Selkirk Gallery is a unique architectural space nested within ARTiculations, an art supply and stationery store in the Junction area that also hosts a variety of related workshops. Rather than “exhibiting” artwork in the gallery, my project attempts to give recognition to the character of the space, both spatially and architecturally. My subject therefore, is the gallery as a collection of rhythmically orchestrated openings, a sort of sieve. Using a pattern of discretely placed lines, I attempt to commence the space as a site of experience (on its own terms).

The placement of the lines are determined by applying the Fibonacci sequence.

The unit of the sequence is determined by half the width of the front opening of the gallery. There is an “order” in the line pattern that is generated by the physical gallery existing in time. Yet, this order also obeys a somewhat a temporal order, perhaps more virtual and celestial.

The idea is to project this order of the virtual image of the space onto the real space. This projection animates the space (displacement/ offset) and also relieves the space, making it lighter.

Yam Lau is an artist and writer based in Toronto. He teaches at York University.





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