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Saturday June 20th 2015 to Sunday August 23rd 2015




June 20th – August 9th, 2015

Saturday June 27th, 2-5pm

Artist Talk & Tea
Saturday July 11th, 2pm

Artist Statement

Merging is a continuation of paper and fabric sculptures that Pam Lobb has been developing over the past 5 years. Hand printing etchings, lithographs, and monoprints onto fine Japanese papers, she then moulds them together with fabric. The end result is reminiscent of fine porcelain.

The base of each piece is a handmade doily collected from New Hamburg, Goderich, or Clinton, Ontario. The doily constitutes the dominant part of the work, and represents Pam’s eagerness to engage with objects, stories, and people from the past. The printing in the foreground of each piece is inspired by the imagery found on Victorian dinnerware. Such dinnerware continues to be passed down from generation to generation in the communities mentioned above. Receiving dinnerware also is similar to receiving the stories of the past.

As part of the window installation there are living flowers drawn through the holes of the lacework. Each stem has a water container that must be refilled to throughout the duration of the show. The act of tending to the sculpture is similar to revisiting stories. There is the opportunity replace, exclude and care for the parts that are meaningful to you at the time.

Many aspects of these rural communities are changing. Originally from Clinton, Pam continues to observe environmental changes, a decreasing population, and rapid job losses in her hometown. Each of her sculptures is a nostalgic observation of a region under stress and hopeful view of its transformation.

About the Artist

Now a printmaker, I began my art studies in sculpture. Like in sculpture, I am attracted to the technical processes and problem solving involved in printmaking. Working primarily in intaglio and lithography, I am interested in experimenting with textures and making subtle variations among my prints.

My current series are paper and fabric sculptures influenced by traditional china, lace, and crochet patterns. The prints incorporate my existing interest in flora and fauna with reference to traditional china patterns. The subject matter draws attention to regional rural history and appropriates traditional women’s craft. I print onto fine handmade Japanese papers then mould them with fabric to create delicate objects that are feminine and whimsical.

After graduating from the University of Guelph in 2007, I spent five years as a studio assistant with printmaker Tammy Ratcliff. As an assistant I gained much of my printmaking skill watching Tammy experiment with presentation and traditional techniques. As a Toronto-based artist I’ve been very active in participating the arts community. In 2011, I co-founded Graven Feather Studio, a studio/ exhibition/ workshop space on Queen Street West with Erin Candela and Jessica Bartram.


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