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MICAH ADAMS @ lilliput < gallery @ Earl Selkirk Gallery

Sunday March 3rd 2019 to Sunday March 31st 2019

Micah Adams @ lilliput < gallery @ Earl Selkirk Gallery

Opening Reception: Sunday, March 3rd, 4pm-6pm

In 1904 a Dutch brand named Droste came out with new packaging for their cocoa powder. The red can showed a drawing of a Dutch girl holding a tray with a mug of hot cocoa next to a can of the Droste’s can itself. This effect of an image within an image became known as the Droste Effect.

This exhibition takes this one step further to present an exhibition within an exhibition and a gallery within a gallery. On display are essentially two shows, the presentation of lilliput < gallery, an exhibition space in an Anne of Green Gables dollhouse. Within lilliput is an exhibition by Micah Adams.

Adams calls himself an archivist of found objects. He collects and reassembles small everyday objects, such as coins, matches, and toys. Through miniature sculptures contrasted with large scale drawings Adams negotiates themes of preciousness, labour, and the uncanny. His practice engages in a playful balance between: humour and formal issues; size and perception of scale; longevity versus ephemerality.

Exhibiting the miniature gallery wishing a larger exhibition space, activates Adam’s work in a new ways and raises questions about value and the tradition of the white cube gallery. Are these large scale installations in a small scale gallery? Is the work valued differently in different spaces? Where does one gallery start and another one finish?

lillput < gallery is travelling exhibition space and open to submissions. Please visit our Instagram @lilliputgallery and email Claire Bartleman ([email protected]) to submit a proposal.

Micah Adams


Claire Bartleman




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