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Mary McKenzie

Thursday February 27th 2014 to Sunday March 30th 2014

ComfortBk-MaryMcKenzieMARY McKENZIE

Living Room:
 Unreliable Narrator Series

February 27th – March 30th, 2014

Mary McKenzie’s Unreliable Narrator Series is a body of ceramic work that investigates family, memory and security through selection of ordinary, daily-use cloth objects.

Saturday March 1st, 2:00-5:00pm
Artist will be in attendance

Artist Talk & Tea
Saturday March 15th, 1:00-2:00pm
Artist Mary McKenzie will give a 30 minute slide show of her work and a 30 minute demo-workshop on sculpting small clay figures that includes audience hands-on participation.

Artist Statement
Living Room, part of the Unreliable Narrator Series, creates an interactive space for my voice to join others in a co-constructed narrative as varied as the participants involved. Living Room provides a domestic environment where, as in our homes, the room is meant for activity. The laundry and dolls in the room are articles of work or play. Individuals can take on various roles, entertain alternative realities or points-of-view and perhaps activate memory, invention or re-invention. In the course of this activity accidents will happen, pieces may be dropped, possibly broken or torn and in need of repair. Loss will occur. This is expected. In life as in play there are vulnerabilities and precautions, modest protections required. Life and play filter through the complexities of memory, desires, fears, and priorities. We select, use and reuse, the instruments of domestic life to engage in daily narratives that entwine relationships, productivity and play. Doing-the-laundry facilitates functionality within a family but sheets can become tents and jeans a costume. Our rooms are for active living. Our stories get embellished in the telling and retelling.

The audience is invited to intervene by mending or moving the figures and laundry about inside the space, to create their own interpretations, dialogue and discourse by enacting narratives that can be altered, mended, embroidered.

-Mary McKenzie

Toronto based artist Mary McKenzie, recipient of the 2010 Gardiner-Sheridan Museum Award Show, was featured in Fusion Magazine 2012 and Ceramics Monthly’s 2010 Undergraduate Showcase. At Sheridan she received the William and Mary Corcoran Award, Silent Night Award, and Board of Governors Award. In 2012 she participated in ‘World of Threads’ and won the Tucker’s Prize at ‘Toronto Potters Biennial’. In 2013 McKenzie participated in ‘Boxed-in’ at the Rooms, Newfoundland Provincial Gallery; 
’Hot Mud: Emerging Canadian Ceramic Artists’, at Burlington Art Centre; as well as ‘War: Light Within After Darkness’ at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery in Waterloo. McKenzie was Shary Boyle’s studio assistant. She received her BFA from University of Alberta.


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