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LISTERINE (Living in Scenes That Encorporate Regular Inspiring Novel Explorations)

Saturday March 7th 2020 to Sunday May 31st 2020

RECEPTION: Thursday March 19, 7-9pm

LISTERINE ( Living in Scenes That Encorporate Regular Inspiring Novel Explorations), will share work as a breath of fresh air. The breath leaves a sting, a want for more perhaps, or the understanding that what you have just seen is a good way to live and be surrounded. Plushness, colour, vibrancy. The world, so vibrant it sparkles sans glitter; instead through colour, shape, texture and surprise. Sparkling is a feeling.

ARTISTS: Jana Ghalayini, James Lai, Chelsea Hirons, Sienna Sekand, Nora Wang, Tram Pinney, Malik Mckoy, Roots Foxtrot, Arshia Salesi, Arezu Salamzadeh, Spam Wilsom, Luke van H

*This exhibit will be put on in collaboration with set design by Cat Calica @yunguava (the brilliant mama behind 187 in Kensington)




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