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Friday September 23rd 2016 to Sunday October 30th 2016

Pink Pavement-web

Pink Pavement


Urban Translation

September 23-October 30, 2016

Reception: Friday September 23 7-9pm

Artist Talk & Tea: Saturday October 15 2pm

Every day we move through the urban landscape having to tune out all the excess noise as we focus on getting to our destination. This body of work gives form to these every day experiences, showing these spaces as fleeting and familiar, beautiful and complex. Reimagining the urban landscape through abstraction, these works show the essence of the street, its elevated pace and vibrancy; the softness of the light contrasted with the sharpness of the architecture. The images move from abstraction to reality and back, the way we move from place to place; showing visually the way streets, neighbourhoods and are felt, experienced and lived.

Artist Statement:

My work explores views of architecture, urban life and the experience of the built environment as the new definition of landscape. I use photos that I take in my daily travels through the city as a starting point and then use my personal observations and memories to fill in the gaps and create an abstract impression of a space. These spaces are both invented and referenced from reality which makes them ambiguous, yet familiar. Engaging colour combinations metaphorically point to the vibrancy and energy of urban life and feeling connected to a broader urban context. My goal is to explore the relationship between human-manipulated space and how it shapes our perceptions of our surroundings and ourselves.

Artist Bio:

Joanna Gresik is a Toronto based painter and interior designer. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design, Joanna worked as a corporate interior designer before deciding to return to school to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Drawing and Painting at OCADU which she completed in 2015. Her interest in architecture and space influence her abstract landscape paintings which explore the diversity, energy and vibrancy of the urban landscape.  Joanna lives and works in Toronto.

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