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Friday May 17th 2019 to Wednesday July 17th 2019


Drift/ Land


May 17 – June 23 Extended to July 17, 2019

Reception June 13, 7-9pm

Exhibit installation in progress May 10 – 16, 2019

Drift/Land is a series of work that has been 16 months in the making. The genesis of this work likely started long before that, but first took shape as I began scavenging for driftwood along the shores of Lake Simcoe in February 2018. I felt a connection to this material because it tangibly represented dualities showing up in my own life such as migration/stasis, displacement/ belonging, and randomness/intention.

Last year I drifted from Toronto to Europe and spent five months in Switzerland, Germany, and England. I continued to forage for driftwood while I was overseas and am now working with small physical pieces of all the geographical places I have been the past year and a half. Over the course of this period of time, I was exposed to many new landscapes, both external and internal. The physical movement that came with traveling landed me on the shores of my own self. In this still ongoing process, I have started to reconcile the tension within my personal sense of place and purpose. I see only now that this exhibition could not have been completed without all the places I traveled to.

Poetically, this exhibit is being installed on the one-year anniversary of my arrival in Europe. The seven day installation process at the Earl Selkirk Gallery perfectly reflects my own, slow return.


Jamie Ashforth is a local mixed media visual artist. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University and has exhibited in shows in central and eastern Canada. She runs Ashforth Press, a Toronto-based paper goods business, and works as a Scenic Artist in film and television production. She co-founded Art Not Shame, a non-profit that encourages youth to creatively express themselves as a means of empowerment and wellness.

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