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AINSLEY BOYD – FOSSILS re-imagined, resuscitated

Wednesday May 1st 2013 to Friday May 31st 2013


Saturday May 4th, 6-9pm
Artist Talk
Tuesday May 14th, 7pm

The pictures in Fossils were taken while on a paleontology
expedition with Dr. Martin Smith. We went searching in
New York State for ancient remains in old quarrys and on
the sides of highways. At one of those sites I discovered a
discarded and waterlogged photography portfolio.

The colour photographs had been left to the elements and
drenched from the recent flooding. The results were amazing
chemical and colour reactions on each photograph.

It was poetic to find this album while searching for fossils,
since these images represent another time in the history of
photography. Colour prints like these, along with film, have
become largely obsolete because of the Digital Age. These
photographs are the fossils of photography; weathered and
altered, but still here to remind us of our past.

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