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Easels & Palettes

new addition to our website! more information and pretty pictures coming soon!

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  1. did you say at one time that you have the New Wave Art Palettes as part of your line up.
    I am looking for one of them…and you appear to be the only place in Ontario.
    Could you let me know if this is so and which ones you carry or which ones you can get?
    Much appreciated.
    Ottawa, ON

    1. I saw a couple of them in there about a week ago. They also had a brouchure that indicated they could order in any model. If you want to see them in person, there’s not a lot of selection, but if you know what you want to ARTiculations is the place to go. (also, not that you asked, they are the only retailer in Canada to carry Natural Pigments paints and mediums–prices are the same as ordering direct)


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