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2018 FILLER UP SKETCHBOOK CHALLENGE – Registration is now closed

For information about registration for this project, please call the shop.

THE CHALLENGE: March 1st-31st, 2018 Art making solidarity to get you through the winter slump!

We’re back again for a seventh year to challenge you to get back in ‘sketchbook shape’ with us! During the month of March, ARTiculations wants to challenge you to do one creative thing a day in your sketchbook. Start sketching. Start painting. Start writing. Start making time for yourself to do anything that YOU choose to be your creative outlet.  And do it every day. Every. Day.  This is open to all ages, abilities, ideas and interpretations. By signing up, you are automatically included in the FILL’ER UP group exhibition April 7-30, 2018 that showcases all of the sketchbook work created throughout the challenge.

How to participate:

  1. PAY ONLINE. The challenge starts March 1st but don’t worry, we’ll remind you! Once paid, fill out your registration form (the link is in step 2).
  2. FILL OUT YOUR REGISTRATION FORM – CLICK HERE – This form links to our official participant list.  Please make sure to type your information carefully (especially email addresses!) so that you receive all correspondence during the challenge and about the exhibition. 
  3. START FILLING UP THAT SKETCHBOOK! Beginning March 1st, we’ll post ideas, encouragement and pictures of your progress. Stay tuned for sketching meetups, and group encouragement to keep you motivated!

  4. DROP OFF YOUR SKETCHBOOK: April 3-5, 2018 at ARTiculations. Indicate a viewing format for your sketchbook: 1. Viewers can look through the entire sketchbook OR 2. Indicate a specific page to be open for display.

  5. Become very inspired and feel the amazing effects of making sketching part of your daily life!

FILL’ER UP Group Exhibition in The Earl Selkirk Gallery

April 7-30, 2018 

By signing up, you are automatically included in the FILL’ER UP group exhibition. Come celebrate your hard work and meet the other awesome artists who took part in the challenge!

NOTE: This is NOT an ARTiculations Workshop (there is no class).  This is an independent challenge for you to complete on your own time where and when you feel like it! We will post information about meet ups and check in with you via group newsletter to keep you motivated throughout the month!

Why wait until March? Start sketching now! Make use of those half filled sketchbooks you have sitting around.   Use the hashtag #SketchbookChallenge2018 to share your progress with us