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Earl Selkirk Gallery


Running from Thursday September 26th 2019 to Sunday November 3rd 2019

Saving My Jack Russell, 2017


Margaret Atwood For Mayor

September 26-November 3, 2019

Reception: Friday, September 27th, 7:00-9:00pm

Artist Statement:
I am a drawing-based artist whose work explores a dreamlike dimension inspired by zine culture, 1970s punk, feminism, and literature/popular culture. My drawings use cartoon conventions, such as exaggerated proportions and thick line weights, to conjure an alternate universe where high- and low-brow sensibilities merge fluidly. Text is sometimes applied (another convention borrowed from cartoon culture), as are generous applications of India ink and Sharpie for dramatic effect. My drawings, which typically portray figures engaged in funny or magic realist vignettes, are, by turns, lighthearted, sardonic, perverse, and sophomoric. My works contain a lot of tiny details, and so my drawing style is intended to prompt viewers to linger on each piece. Symbols of all kinds provide material for viewers to explore and unpack. In “Saving My Jack Russell,” for instance, I’ve rendered a (semi-true) tale of helping my dog Iggy escape a wicked hunter; lowbrow symbols like the Victoria’s Secret jogging pants (signified by the word ‘pink’ on the rear) are juxtaposed against the pseudo-serious mini-opera occurring in the bottom left. (I produced a smaller version of this drawing for the 2018 Curio show). In my drawings, levity is often met with a measure of gravitas.
Generally, the provenance of my line-work comes from Honore Daumier though any sense of Victorian restraint is more than offset by the use of kamikaze subject matter and ample hyperbole. The result is what Terence Dick calls a passage “through the universal standards of taste into some alternate dimension of appreciation” (Akimbo review: “Erin Finley at Loop Gallery, 2007”).