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Custom Art Panels

dibondaluminiumplateACM – Museum-Grade Panels

Aluminum Composite Material is archival and made of two lightweight sheets of aluminum with a thermal plastic core.  This panel line is conservator recommended. These come in our standard 4MM thickness.


L219 – This is lead primed linen. It is smooth portrait grade linen with an irregular weave.

L600 – This is a portrait linen with Lead priming. It is Belgian linen with a weave that has a silky smooth finish. This is perfect for fine detail paintings.

A538 – This is an Italian portrait grade linen with titanium zinc oil priming

*Claessens Linen– All Claessens linens have titanium zinc oil priming.
C13 – Double primed portrait grade

*Currently not in use at this time

ADHESIVE– BEVA is an acid free barrier
Our adhesive is BEVA. It is totally compatible with the size used on linens. It is designed specifically for art conservation. It is heat or solvent reversible. The linen will be preserved and if the support is damaged the linen can be removed and remounted to a new surface by a conservator. Reactivation with heat begins at about 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Care must be taken to avoid loosening the linen. It is advised not to leave panels in car windows or car trunks for extended periods of time.

Shipping and handling– Call us for quotes. (416)901-7464
Delivery times can vary depending on our customer demand and linen availability. We will make every effort to meet your panel needs but cannot guarantee that we will always be able to meet your dates. Please allow enough time for your panels to be made!

Custom sizes are not returnable – 25% restocking fee for any standard size. Panels must be returned in original package and condition. No refund for panels that are returned to us with shipping damage.
All payments are due at the time of shipment.
Prices and shipping charges are subject to change without notice.


Contact the shop for orders and quotes.

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