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How To Tuesdays: Wax Painting with Ceracolors

Ceracolors is water-soluble beeswax-based paint for professional artists providing a wide range of painting techniques from acrylic and goauche-like layers to thin watercolor-like washes. They are fast-drying colors suitable for all supports used for encaustic painting, yet they do not require any special tools and heated instruments. Use any brush suitable for water-based paint. Once dry Ceracolors can be used in encaustic technique, allowing sculpting and manipulation of the paint. The ingredients in Ceracolors are found in food and cosmetics so they are not considered to be toxic.

California artist, Candice Bohannon, demonstrates how she uses Ceracolors to paint a small nude figure. Although Candice is an oil painter, her first attempt using Ceracolors results in a masterful study. Candice finds that using Ceracolors, whether one is an oil or water-media painter, is intuitive and familiar to the artist. Click on the video to see how she uses it.

Curious to learn more? Sign up for our 4 week course with Heather Gentleman and explore this groundbreaking new paint! Begins May 5th.

Wax Painting with Ceracolors

Tuesday May 5th 2015 to Tuesday May 26th 2015
6:30 to 9:30pm
Price: $ 250.00 CAD

Encaustic, dating back back 3000 years, is a technique using molten beeswax or microcrystalline into which coloured pigments are added. It has had a resurgence in popularity of late due to the richness of texture and multiplicity of techniques. However it is important to use proper ventilation when heating the wax, otherwise, it can be toxic. A new wax paint has been introduced that replicates many of the qualities of traditional encaustic but without the health issues. Ceracolors are water soluble and non toxic, made with ingredients that are found in food and cosmetics. There is also no need for special tools or brushes. Our four week course will delve into the many techniques and approaches for water based wax paint. We will explore using wax paint as oil, watercolour, encaustic and collage/ phototransfer.

Artist Instructor: Heather Gentleman

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