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How To Make an Underwater World…in 4 Days

UTS Installation PrepUse a big space that can get messy and find a really hard working group of kids.

UTS Seaweed makingPaint a LOT of seaweed.

UTS Priming our creaturesCreate super cool underwater creatures.

UTS Puffer FishPuffer fish are key.

UTS Jellyfish HeadsMake your own light up jellyfish costumes. (Jellyfish are much better when they MOVE)

UTS Painting the ShipDon’t forget to make a giant shipwreck.

UTS Creating CoralAnd make sure to make some multi-colour coral…

UTS Pile of coralSOOOOOO MUCH CORAL!UTS Installing our Under The Sea LightsAdd some fabric and clear blue film to your lights.

IMG_3456…And add even more things blue and underwater-y.

UTS Sunken ShipTake care of some finishing touches…

UTS OctopusBring in a few creatures.

UTS Sea CreaturesMaybe a few more creatures…

UTS Putting on our Jellyfish CostumesAssemble a jellyfish squad.

UTS Complete InstallationMix it all together…

GogglesAnd don’t forget your swimming goggles!

PanoramaBrought to you by ARTiculations 2014 Under The Sea Imaginarium Aquarium Installation Summer Camp Crew (say that 3 times fast!)

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