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Intro to Watercolour Painting Starts Tonight!

If you every wanted to try your hand at this hard to manage medium, there are still a couple spaces left in this excellent 4 week Introduction to Watercolour Painting course with artist Kathryn Naylor.

Your Watercolours InstructorA little bit about “Water Safety” from Kathryn Naylor

A watercolours course is all about “water safety”:  how much to use, when to use it, and when not to use it. A first attempt at watercolour painting can get out of control quickly, and lead to frustration and disappointment.  This introductory course offers the tools to understand the interactions of paint and water, and exercises in working with them effectively.
People who think “I can’t do watercolours” or “I hate watercolours” will be welcomed — no personal flotation device required.

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