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Toy Camera Workshop (film) Saturday October 19th & 26th 2013

Ever found yourself taking photography too seriously? Talking too much about gear and how your images would be better if you just had nicer glass or a faster camera?


This workshop maybe (should be) for you!

Toy cameras allow you to create stunning unique images if are willing to learn their idiosyncrasies, and work around their given limitations. Since there is such variation in lenses and cameras you can create images no one will be able to replicate with those over used Lr and Ps plug-ins. All you need is a creative spirit and an open mind. Two day weekend workshop (11-5) where we will cover the history of crappy cameras, camera types, film and go over examples of alternative film processing techniques. Time will be spent 50% in class and 50% on photo walks.

Detailed schedule available upon request.

Limited to 10 students max, classes will be in Toronto in the Junction area. No laptop needed, as handouts will be provided, and the developing of the film will be included. When you register you will be provided information on what type of camera and film to order for the class so everyone will be using the same camera and film for practical purposes.

Class will be taught by experienced toy camera junkies Kathy Toth and Ron Miyanishi

Registration now open for Saturday October 19th & 26th 2013 here.

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