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Drawing From Observation (6wks)

Thursday September 26th 2013 to Thursday October 31st 2013,
Price: $ $270 + Materials CAD

Observational drawing is a useful skill, applicable to many artistic endeavors, but can also be a deeply meditative and rewarding practice on its own.  Over the span of the course, students will work on developing and honing their observation skills and applying those skills to drawing from life.  We will experiment and play with scale, materials and approaches, learning to use techniques such as line, gesture, texture, colour, tonal shading and composition.  The class will focus on drawing objects, both everyday and unique, as well as introduce portrait and figure drawing.  This class would be suitable for beginners, for those developing a portfolio, or anyone seeking a basic refresher of their drawing skills. Artist Instructor: Beth Conklin

Please register by phone or in person.


About The Instructor:  Beth Conklin

Beth Conklin is a Junction area artist who works in a variety of media including drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation.  She is a graduate of the joint Art and Art History program through the University of Toronto and Sheridan College. Most recently, Conklin completed the Independent Studio program at Toronto School of Art.


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