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Introduction to Figure Drawing (6 weeks)

Tuesday September 24th 2013 to Tuesday October 29th 2013,
Price: $ 360.00 CAD

In this course students will be exposed to a variety of analytical and expressive techniques that will give them the rudimentary knowledge that will allow them to create figure drawings. This course is designed to encourage students to find confidence in how they draw and to give guided practice that will allow them to develop their drawing skills. Elements that will be covered in this class are; line, tone, measuring, composition, mark making and material selection.

Artist Instructor: Jonathan Scott


Drawing by Ernie Francis



Jonathan Scott is a Scottish artist who lives and works in Toronto. He has a Masters degree from the Glasgow School of Art and his work has been exhibited internationally. His practice focuses on drawing and sculpture and he is currently represented by Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects, Toronto.

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