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Handmade gifts are the best gifts

Having trouble finding a special gift for the mama’s in your life? Mother’s Day is this Sunday and as the holiday draws close,  we wanted to give you a little inspiration. This year, why not tap into your creative side? Try creating a handmade gift- OR why not make something together? Here are a few ideas;

Saturday May 11th, 2013 – Floral Arranging Workshop

Join instructor Sara Klaiman for this great Saturday afternoon workshop just in time for Mothers Day! The focus will be on composing flowers in a modern style, perfect for a table centerpiece or a bedside arrangement. Learn all about basic floral composition and care and leave with 1 completely finished arrangement.Flower Arranging Workshop

Homemade Cards

 You made them when you were a kiddo, but don’t forget a homemade card is always a thoughtful gesture no matter what age! Keep it simple, and try to use some recycled materials – think old maps, books or cool wrapping paper that you’ve been holding on to. Here is a great little tutorial from the folks over at Travelettes

Image courtesy of Travelettes Blog

Gel Image Transfers

Here is a great tutorial about Gel Image Transfers. Gel transfers are a great way to create translucent images that can be incorporated into your artwork as a collage element. Once you get the basic concept down, you can go off in all sorts of directions with these transfers. Why not try this technique with photocopies of family photos?


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