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New in the shop: New Wave Artist Palettes


We spent a long time searching for artist quality palette designs and have found it in the New Wave Artists Palettes- and you know how we came across these? Through the help of an awesome customer who spent some time sharing his expertise with us! Time and time again, it has been through these small exchanges that we have been able to find our voice. You guys rock.
But more about these awesome palettes…
Each palette is handcrafted out of hard white maple by a Mennonite owned woodshop in Lancaster County, PA. Utilizing a three-point anchor system that evenly distributes the weight of the palette between the painter’s hand, arm and torso or hip, the result is a tool that is easy to balance and comfortable to hold.  Another great thing about these palettes- they are available for both the right AND left handed painter.


2 thoughts on “New in the shop: New Wave Artist Palettes”

  1. Glad to see they are available in Canada. So as I am in Ottawa, are you able to accomodate me with shipping to Ottawa…Please.
    The other question is what sizes are you carrying in stock?
    Thanks. James

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