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Teacher Feature : Kathryn Naylor | Intro to Watercolour Painting

Kathryn Naylor is a professional artist living and working in the Junction area of Toronto. She has focused on watercolours, coloured pencil, and acrylics, and has an extensive history of gallery shows as well as book illustration and teaching.

Artist Statement

I paint as a response to my surroundings.  A wide range of subject matter interests me, but there is always a search for visual rhythms and connections between the disparate.  The still-life work balances between material sensuality and sheer playfulness, involving a setting of actual objects in studio alongside the imaginary ones.

The landscape elements move between perception and memory.  Studio work again, as opposed to painting on site, it involves reflection after the fact — finding a language for the emotional impact of place and weather and season.

How to convey all this to a viewer is the ongoing puzzle of deconstructing an experience or a feeling, and then reconstructing it in paint on canvas.  Marcel Duchamp is quoted as saying that “art is making the invisible, visible”; it’s also making the fleeting glimpse into contemplation.  

Introduction to Watercolour Painting
3 weeks, Wednesday July 4th, 11th & 18th | 7-9:30pm
$80 + $20 Materials Fee

Managing a hard-to-manage medium:  As an introduction to watercolours, this course will introduce colour mixing techniques, and explore the use of watercolour’s flow and transparency properties. Students will learn to shade & model simple objects using principles that help produce strong colour and crisp edges where desired.


*Let us know if you already have materials to use for this course- the materials fee is for a complete starter kit!

There are still spaces open in this excellent introductory workshop!

To join us, call the shop to register 416.901.7464

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