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Are you ready for the SKETCHBOOK CHALLENGE ?

Hey Folks!

With the challenge starting on Monday, I wanted to send you a reminder to email me directly [email protected] with your full name to ‘officially’ sign up for the project.

We’ve had a great response and a couple of our suppliers have come forward to donate prizes for the challenge- say what??? Ya, I know- it’s awesome. Free Challenge. Free Prizes. Free awesome group show.

We told you we loved collaboration….


Q: Are there any rules?
A: At a minimum, you must make something in your sketchbook every day. There is no limit to how much you create/ how many pages you can use each day.

Q: I don’t sketch. How can I participate?
A: A sketchbook is a place to record your daily creative endeavors. That makes it pretty open, really. We already have artists, writers, musicians and crafters signed up. This challenge is what you make it, and is designed to encourage your creativity through establishing a daily routine of making.

Q: I don’t live in Toronto, can I still take part in the challenge?
A: Absolutely! You will have to hustle a bit more to make sure we receive your sketchbook before April 12th so that we can include your work in the group show. Don’t forget to include a self addressed envelope to ensure your sketchbooks’ safe return.

Q:  the age limitations?
A: All ages are welcome, providing that you can use your sketchbook everyday. So far our youngest participant is 9 and our oldest is 63!

Q: I don’t feel comfortable letting people look through my whole sketchbook for the group show, can I still participate?
A: We saw this coming (we have sketchbooks like that too!) YOU decide whether your sketchbook will be made available for vistors to peruse through OR we will have it on display open to a specific page

Q: Hey are we gonna have a party to celebrate this challenge or what?
A: Yes, the opening reception for our group show in the Earl Selkirk Gallery is April 12, 2012 6-9pm. Be there!

Now sign up already k?

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